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Every person wants to be successful but one, who works with full dedication and confidence, gets the taste of success. These are the key ingredients to get success. Mistakes play vital role in the life of any successful. Mistakes are the part of life and it is also true to a full extent that to err is human. To make a fault is not bad, but repetition is not good because it hampers sense of humor and self- perseverance.

When a person sets his goal and makes first attempt, at that time he may be fail if he commits mistakes. But if next time, he concentrates on his previous mistakes and improves them he could get success. So in this way, we could see that mistakes which cause failures can be stepping stone to success. They are not our enemy but our true friends who show our real face and realize us how much in depth we are. It keep us motivated and conscious towards our aim which inculcate enthusiasm and boost our confidence. On the other hand, it also teaches a lesson that one should not be tensed and frustrated when any unexpected thing happens. It happens in the novel that Govind is disturb and faces many obstacles. After all he tries to commit suicide as a final option. So, it provides a lesson that one should not take such a coward step and confronts the problems boldly.

The novel also deals with the subject matter of mistakes committed by a young and talented person who never expects, that due to little mistakes he would have to face grave consequences. And it would cause him to not to speak his friend. He does not commit errors deliberately, but circumstances lead him to do those nonsense. He faces many hardships and makes each and every possible effort to establish his business with two friends whom he considers to be the best in the world. The author has tried approvingly to represent his character in best possible manner and made him the central character of the novel. The entire story revolves around him.

Govind Patel, Ishaan and Omi are good friends and live in Ahemdabad. They all are young and enjoy the life in full swing. They wish to be successful businessmen. So they open a cricket shop to meet their requirements and want to be successful as quickly as it is possible. Things go on well with all of them. But after a passage of time, they find themselves in dilemma and realize that life has played a destructive game with them. They come to know the actuality of life and circumstances which make them apart from one other. Thereafter, life turns to be a misery for them. Govind is much frustrated at the outcome of his inputs and gets shocked. Finally, he takes some unnecessary steps to commit suicide so that he could get rid of all the problems.

In this novel, the author has used simple and lucid language. It is easy to be understood but at the same time he uses slangs more often which does not leave good impression on young readers. He has pointed out some realities of life which is really a remarkable task. For instance- when he writes that parents gets too much involved in their children life. And he or she does not have as much liberty as he requires doing the things freely. It sometimes leads a cause that child does not want to share his feelings or emotions with his parents. And it may turn to be a blunder of his or her life. He has expressed obscene feelings as he writes about massacre which takes place in Ahemdabad and reveals the facts one after one like the railway compartment was set on fire, it instigated Hindus to kill Muslims. And as a result many Muslim’s houses were set on fire. It could thrill the minds of readers with communal feelings which may probably give the way to communal riots.

The author has also intervened to show the repercussions of some steps which could be hazardous for a person and it could ruin him badly. Like, when Govind invests all money to buy a shop, after that an earthquake rocks the city and his new shop turns to a heap of rubbles. Thus, his all the aspirations comes to an end due to that menace which was totally unexpected.

Most of the time, the tone used by author is humorous like when he writes that “I could not speak as she was advancing her steps towards me like a bold lady”. It ensures pleasure and entertainment while going through the line. Sometimes, he has also used sarcastic tone. Like, when he writes that “I do not need your money earned with cheating and other’s blood and move out with money before I throw it on your mouth”. It reveals the harshness of character’s voice. Thus, he has artistic quality to use the blend mixture of both the tone in a graceful manner. His articulation style lies in the systematic representation of thoughts and feelings which follow gradually after each other.

Sanjeev Srivastava

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