Friday, 30 October 2009

Delhi in Cricket Fever after Deewali

Deewali is back in Delhi, but with the fever of Cricket this time। The next cricket match between India and Australia is to be held in the historical Fierozeshah Kotla ground on 31st of October।

When I went to purchase ticket for the match last Wednesday, there were long queues of ticket seekers on counter no. 4, the only counter. They were standing there from early morning. The cheapest ticket for the students was worth Rs. 250. Still, even they were unhappy as to avail this they had to take ticket from Union Bank.

It’s 11o'clock. The ticket counter is still closed.

Cricket is a religion for many in India and this person standing since 9 in the morning is an example। When I asked this person, why he is so desperate for this match despite India's disappointing performance in T-20 and Champions League, a group of young men from Noida quips, “we lost 1st match because of Dhoni's defensive game and because Irfan Pathan is not playing. God knows why they are not calling Irfan".

When I asked about what will happen on Saturday? They all replied in one chorus, "India will win convincingly"।"How?", and the answer was," Yuvraj is back!!!"

The next match is in Delhi, the home ground of firebrand Virendra Sehwag. Only a couple of month's back Sehwag had raised objection about the selection process and had threatened to quit playing from Delhi. The statement of Sehwag had sent shock waves in the cricket and political circles of Delhi. This match would be special as, after that incident Sehwag is playing for the first time in Delhi.I wanted to know from the cricket fan around me if the incident might affect Sehwag's performance, and Arjun Singh from Tagore Garden, West Delhi says," We were sad that we might lose Sehwag, but this will not affect his game.

When T-20 finals were being played, the stands were empty. It's simple. The people here are not interested in how India performed in last matches. They are more excited about their star cricketers playing in their town and that they will be able to watch them playing in front of them. One can easily guess, cricket resides in the heart of this country and that only Indian cricketers are their all time favorites.

Ferozeshah Kotla ground of Delhi has seen many historical moments in its lifetime. Sachin hit his 35th century here. But this ground created real history in 1999, when Anil Kumble took all the ten wickets of Pakistan. This ground has been lucky for India, with India being the most successful team on this ground.

Will India repeat history?

In the game of cricket, the jury remains out till the last ball is bowled…

Sanjeev Srivastava


उमेश पंत said...

Its good one bro....keep it up...n inform me while writing new post...and when its about cricket Delhi youth is really mad for it... after all its about watching there on screen stars in front of there eyes, is in itself a feeling...let them enjoy the twist and turns of bat n ball battle...

likho apna vichar said...

jab umesh ne hee tareef kar di hai to main kya kahun , mujhe jitna yaad hai , tumne mujhe ye post hindi mein send ki thi,
waise umesh ka blog padhna bhi bhut mazedaar hota hai.