Sunday, 1 November 2009

The story of Doordarshan

Television service was started in India by the Government of India on 15th September 1959. It was called Doordarshan. Being started by the government for developmental purpose, it was called public service broadcaster. In its fifty years of journey, Doodarshan has witnessed many ups and downs.

In its early years Doodarshan was a part of All India Radio. It was only in 1976 that it was separated from All India Radio and became a National Broadcaster. It soon became a favourite platform of entertainment for common man. Apart from film industry it was the only platform that provided ‘on the screen entertainment’ to the common people. Since it was the first TV channel, it started most of the multiplicity of programs that we see on most of the private channels, be it soap- opera, mythological dramas and commercials as well. Eighties was the era when Doordarshan glued millions with soaps such as Humlog(1984),Buniyaad(1986-87),Ramayan(1987-1988) and Mahabharat(1988-89) .

In nineties, Private television channels infiltrated into the Indian boundaries and entertain the viewers as much as possible. These channels gave tough competition to Doodarshan.
Why Doodarshan has became less effective than private channels?

Still, Doodarshan has reach to the 98% of our population, but does it really play the role that is expected from a public service broadcaster?

This and many more other queries are to be explored in this radio package.

Sanjeev Srivastava

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